GTA e-Seminar Series 2021: Geographies and Impacts of COVID-19 in Singapore

The COVID-19 crisis has thrusted upon humanity one of the biggest challenges yet. It has disrupted international travel, global supply chains and the flow of people across the world. In this light, the current COVID-19 crisis presents unprecedented opportunities for scholars, thinkers and geography educators to examine the pandemic and its impacts, from its spread to its myriad effects on all aspects of our lives. The GTA Seminar Series 2021 ‘Geographies and Impacts of COVID-19 in Singapore’ brings together a panel of expert speakers from the academic, government and private sector, to discuss and examine the confluences of COVID-19’s effects on the geographies of health, food and economic activities, as well as broader issues of sustainability, food waste and mental wellness. This e-Seminar Series aims to bring about a synoptic approach to understand the multifaceted impacts of COVID-19 on Singapore.

The GTA Annual Seminar 2021 will span over 2 Saturdays, bringing you a myriad of perspectives on the COVID-19 experience. Details of the seminar sessions are below:

Both sessions will be via Zoom. Session 2 on 3 April will also include the GTA Annual General Meeting. Registration is open to GTA members, Geography teachers and students.

Registration Fee:
GTA members: $50 for 1 session, or $90 for both sessions
Non-GTA members: $55 for 1 session, or $100 for both sessions
Students: $45 for 1 session, or $80 for both sessions

To register, please click on this link or scan the QR code:

The deadline for registration is 19 March 2021.

If you have any queries pertaining to the e-Seminar Series 2021, please feel free to contact Yvonne or Yi Fong at

See you then!

Orders for Geographer Long-Sleeve Tee (by 28 Feb 2021)

The Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore is bringing back the sale of the Geographer Tee this year! 

We’ve heard your requests for a long-sleeve version of the tee for geography fieldwork, outdoor activity and other purposes! For this round of sales, we will be launching the long-sleeve Geographer Tee and selling just that! The short-sleeved Geographer Tee will be sold in the next round of sales later in the year.

The details of the Geographer tee are as follows:

Design: Original Geographer tee design (by Leon Tan)  
Style: Long-sleevecool fit
Price: $12 per piece
Colours: 6 options available – Navy, Emerald, Black, Royal Blue, Red, Grey

Please place your orders by 28 Feb 2021 through the link: This order form contains further details of colour options and the size chart.

A GTA representative will be in touch with you after the sales have closed to confirm your order(s) and to arrange for payment and collection.

For more information, do drop us a mail at  

Thank you! 

Warm regards

Angeline, Boon Kian and Liu Zhen

on behalf of 51st GTA Management Committee

E-Workshop – Topic: Meeting fundamental Human Needs while preserving Earth’s support systems

Date: 26 Oct 2020 (Mon)
Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Mode: Online (Zoom)
Cost: $50 (GTA members) $55 (Non-GTA members)

To sign up for the workshop please go to:
Closing date for sign-up: 19 Oct 2020 (Mon)


  1. To provide a conceptual understanding of Sustainability in School Geography
  2. To deepen understanding of how planetary boundaries have been crossed using research findings
  3. To provide an overview of the UN Sustainability Goals and their interconnections, with a focus on the core processes of human perturbation on Earth’s Systems
  4. To understand the complexity in resolving issues on Sustainability through an Inquiry activity
  5. To understand the challenges in researching, measuring and assessing progress of the Sustainability Goals
  6. To discuss ideas on how to make the teaching of Sustainability more relatable to students

Synopsis for the Workshop

The term Sustainability has been used in the Geography syllabuses over the years. However, as Sustainability is the theme running through both the G.C. E. ‘O’ and ‘A’ level Geography syllabuses, it is timely to explore firstly, the different approaches to Sustainability and secondly, to differentiate it from Sustainable Development.

The study of Sustainability requires a good understanding of the functions of the biosphere and human civilization to maintain change in the human ecosystem equilibrium to achieve a balanced environment. It encompasses the idea of meeting human needs while at the same time, preserving Earth’s support systems. Planet Earth’s assets of lands, waters and biodiversity, if well managed, provide a flow of energy that sustains human life. A look into the current state of planet Earth’s natural systems allows for insights into the intertwined social and ecological systems in which we are all embedded. When these benefits have been poorly understood, Earth’s natural resources and capital undergoes rapid degradation, risking losses in the many benefits for man to live a quality life. In an interactive activity, participants will discover their ecological footprint and carbon footprint to find out the extent to which Sustainability is under threat. What then are the safe operating physical spaces left for humanity?

The next part of the workshop addresses Sustainable Development i.e. the processes and pathways to achieving and restoring Sustainability. An overview of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how the Goals address the human-­‐ecosystem balanced environment will be shared. In particular, to address the school syllabuses, the UN Sustainability Goals will be discussed with reference to the 2 core processes which will destabilize the Earth System at a planetary scale: 1.Climate Change 2. Biosphere Integrity (life on land and life below water).

In a group inquiry activity, participants will explore the complexity of achieving Sustainability of a resource in an area. They will experience for themselves just how intertwined the continued exploitation of resources for economic value are with social and political dimensions when attempting to keep all factors in harmony while at the same time, enhancing both current and future potential of the resource to meet human needs and aspirations.

Notwithstanding the complexity of developing the tools for measuring and assessing the progress of the Sustainable Goals, the way forward continues to lie in the science of research.

As a discourse, teachers are invited to email their questions prior to the workshop session. The answers will be interwoven into the broader concepts of Sustainability and Sustainable Development.

Synopsis of Presenter

Dr Nawaz is a senior lecturer of geography at the National University of Singapore. His main research interests are climate change, sustainable development and geospatial science teaching and learning. At NUS, he teaches a variety of courses, including Energy Futures: Environment and Sustainability, The Planet Earth, Biophysical Environment of Singapore, Water and Environment, and Spatial Data Handling. He is a geomorphologist with expertise in geographic information systems, environment and spatial decision support systems. In addition to teaching, he develops undergraduate study materials and is currently working on the project, Experiential Learning Using Sandboxes and Augmented Reality in Natural Science.

More information on Dr Nawaz can be found at

GTA Annual Seminar 2019: “Celebrating the Love for Geography, Envisioning Learning through Geographical Lens” on 29th March 2019 (Friday

GTA celebrates our 50th anniversary this year. Our GTA50 focus as well as the theme of the seminar is

❤Celebrating the love for Geography, 🌏
Envisioning learning through geographical lens 🔎

The GTA Annual Seminar 2019 will begin with a keynote speech by Ms Lim Pik Ying Elaine, an esteemed GTA lifetime member. The seminar also aims to help teachers envision future geography education by highlighting these 2 topics:

(i)  A sustainable future – Strategies and responses by Singapore and Singaporeans

(ii) A geospatial future – Emerging possibilities of geospatial applications in Singapore
The seminar is open to GTA members, secondary and pre-university geography teachers. The programme can be found here.

Key Details
Date: 29 March 2019 (Fri)
Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm (Registration begins at 2.00pm) 
Venue: GeoWorks (PSA Building, beside Alexandra Retail Centre, 3 mins walk from Labrador Park MRT)
Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, Level 7 PSA Building, S119963
Cost: GTA member ($50) Non-GTA member ($60)

Registration link:

Registration deadline: 22 March 2019 (Fri) 
If you have any questions pertaining to the event, please email Mr Chan Boon Kian at


A Singaporean Survivor’s Tale of the Lombok Earthquakes – A Perspective from a Geography Teacher

(image from Earth Observatory of Singapore blog)

One of our Geography Master Teachers, Madam Lim Puay Yin, describes what it was like to experience the Lombok earthquakes on 5 August 2018. She talks about her misconceptions and reflections as a geography teacher in this article, published on the Earth Observatory of Singapore blog.

You can read more about it on this link.

Overseas Field Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand in March 2018 with Professor Alan D. Ziegler (NUS).

Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore (GTA), in collaboration with Unboundaries Pte. Ltd., will be organizing a field trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand in March 2018. Professor Alan D. Ziegler will be the field expert leading the trip.

DATES: 14th Mar – 17th Mar 2018 (4D3N)

Participants will have opportunities to:

  1. to deepen fieldwork techniques in the study of a) hydrology, b) tropical biomes (in particular tropical rainforests), and c) tourism landscapes and impacts,
  2. to acquire strategies to engage students in field inquiry, and
  3. to exchange lesson ideas and strategies through networking with local geography educators.

TARGETTED AUDIENCE: 20 participants teaching Geography in Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges.


SGD 1184 for **GTA Members and SGD 1334 for Non-GTA Members (Additional S$164 for single room)

*Prices also include trainer consultation fees and field equipment use. Prices are quoted on twin-sharing basis and are subject to change without notice.

**To enjoy GTA Member price, applicant must have a valid membership throughout the entire trip duration. For new memberships, registration and payment should be made by 31 January 2018.

Closing date for registration: 31 January 2018

Please contact if you would like to register. Shortlisted participants will be informed by 1 February 2018 via email.

About Professor Alan Zieglar:

Alan Ziegler is a geography professor with the National University of Singapore. His research focuses on the interactions of physical, ecological, and human systems, with water resources serving as a common nexus.  He has taught courses in hydrology, geomorphology, climate, global change and medical hydrology. For more information about Professor Alan Ziegler, please visit the following link here.

GTA Local Field Trip to Semakau Landfill Site

The Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore is organising a Local Field Trip to Semakau Landfill Site on 3 March 2018, as a fringe learning journey leading up to the GTA Annual Seminar on Sustainability on 24 March 2018.

Event Details:

  • Date: 3 March 2018
  • Time: 0900-1230H
  • Cost: $35 (GTA members), $45 (non-GTA members) [Payable by cheque or IFAAS and includes: 2-way transport to Semakau Landfill and refreshments]

During the field trip, participants will be provided opportunities to:

  • Learn about the importance of a well-managed waste disposal system and strategies to tackle future challenges as identified in the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint
  • Experience Singapore’s entire waste management process through a comprehensive guided tour
  • Exchange lesson ideas through networking with fellow geography educators

The flyer for this field trip can be found here.

Registration details:
Please register at by 2 February 2018.
There are places for 29 participants. Priority will be given to GTA members.
Successful registrants will be notified by 9 February 2018.

49th GTA Annual Seminar 2018 (Updated!)

The 49th Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore Annual Seminar 2018 is now open for registration. The theme of the seminar is Alternative Energy for a Sustainable Future?

GTA Seminar 1

GTA Seminar 2

The seminar is open to GTA members, secondary and pre-university geography teachers and tertiary students.

Key event details:

Date: 24 March 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 9.00am-12.00pm
Venue:  The Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium, University Town, National University of Singapore
Cost: GTA member ($60), Non-GTA member ($70), tertiary students ($30).

9.00am: Registration and Breakfast
9.30am: GTA Annual General Meeting
9.45am: GTA Welcome Address
10.00am: Panel Discussion with Expert Speakers
11.30am: Tokens of Appreciation
12:00pm: End of Seminar

Registration link:

Registration and payment deadline: 6 March 2018

If you have any questions pertaining to the event, please email Mr Chan Yong Hong at

*Please note that the seminar programme may be subject to changes.

The 13th SEAGA International Conference 2017 at Jakarta

SEAGA 2017 Conference

The Southeast Asian Geography Association (SEAGA) is organizing their 13th International Conference this year in Jakarta. The conference theme for 2017 is “Geography for global understanding: sustainable changes in environment, society and people”. The aim of the conference is to advance the discourse on the issues of environment, society and people, so as to inform the decision-making and actions of society, private enterprise, and governments. Scholars, policy makers, entrepreneurs and teachers will attend the conference to provide perspectives on this issue.

Please click here for the programme itinerary and costs. If you are interested, you can contact the travel agent directly to register or enquire via / +65 67332218.